Experienced Installer

Job Description
   *Installing Window, Doors, And Other
         Related Items.
Job Duties
   *Removing/Replacing Windows And Doors
         Along With Job Site Maintenance.
Experience Required 
   ​*Experienced Window & Door Installer,
           Manual Labor
Education/Formal Training
   *High School Diploma or Equivalent To.
Essential Abilities
   *Excellent Communication,
           Follows Directions, And
           Is A Great Team Player.
Physical Requirements
    *Ladder Work And Heavy Lifting. 
Work Environment   
   *Very Active, Fast Paced, Room For
            Advancement, Emphasis On Customer
            Service, With A Fun Atmosphere.
Employment Type 
Full/Part Time:
  • Full
Office Location:
  • Olympia, Wa
  • Yes 
Job Type: 
  • Installer
  • Experienced Window &
  Door Installer,
  Manual Labor.
Date Posted:
  • 10/25/2020
*Background Check/Drug Screening Required