Your safety is our priority & Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Order Agrees!
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Per Governor Inslee’s stay-at-home order, March 23, 2020 Proclamation 20-25 Appendix 11 •
“Construction workers who support the construction, operation, inspection, and maintenance of
construction sites and construction projects (including housing construction) for all essential
facilities, services and projects included in this document, and for residential construction
related to emergency repairs and projects that ensure structural integrity.

We are committed to operating a safe and hygienic jobsite by following the below precautions:

1. Continuance of social distancing of six feet
2. Washing of hands frequently with minimal touching of the face
3. Wearing gloves on all jobsites
4. Utilization of the Building Industry Association of Washington’s Jobsite Best Practices and 10-Point Plan for Building a Safer Job Site documents

Broken Windows or Doors can cause MAJOR SECURITY ISSUES.

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