Window Options & Details 

Awning Window 
Hinged at the top and open outward, allowing for ventilation even during a light rain. Easy to open and close. 
Casement Window
One or more hinges along the side, window opens outwards with a pivot. 
Single Hung Window
Contains two window panels, only the lower panel moves. 
Double Hung Window
Contains two window panels, both panels move vertically. 
Picture Window
Stationary, meaning can not be opened or used for ventilation. For decorative uses, comes in a variety of sizes. 
Sliding Window
Single slider, only one side operates, double slider, both sides operate. Both move horizontally.
Specialty Window
Ask us to look at a selection.
Bay Window
Projects outward from the wall, creating a sense of more open space and allowing in more light. Typically constructed from one central fixed window running parallel to the wall. This window is then flanked by two other windows, usually casement or double-hung styles, attached at an angle.
Bow Window
Like bay windows, bow windows project outward from a wall. While a bay window is composed of three main panels,a bow window is constructed of several. These panels join to form a gentle curve, or a bow shape.
Failed Glass Unit
Failed glass units can cause internal condensation, compromised visibility due to fogging, mold, & air leaks that lead to low energy efficiency. 
Window Types
Vinyl.Wood.Fiber Glass.Aluminum 
*Ask our specialists what type would be best for your window needs.
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